Our Mission

Generosity Generosity

KCCF enables you to go beyond thoughts and prayers to those in need. You are empowered to dig in, apply your generosity through philanthropy, and actually make a difference.

Faith Faith

KCCF offers the opportunity to live and grow in faith. Through your support of critical societal needs, you have the opportunity to leave a positive and lasting impact, and to light the way for those who will follow.

Integrity Integrity

KCCF offers a respected, highly effective tool for answering the call of generosity and charity that each of us must answer if we are to truly embody the values of our faith.

At the heart of Knights of Columbus Charitable Fund's (KCCF) mission is the desire to inspire a legacy of generosity within the Catholic Church. Through a sophisticated approach that utilizes donor-advised funds, donors are able to maximize the impact of their generosity to the organizations they care most about. We are meticulous in ensuring that all charities supported by the fund are deeply consistent with the values and teachings of the Catholic Church. KCCF's proprietary due diligence process, ensures that each grant goes to organizations that align with our Catholic values. With investment options provided by Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors, KCCF's investment platform is faithfully managed in accordance with the Catholic faith.

Principled Investing


Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors offer's a suite of faith-based investment solutions specifically designed for Catholic investors.

Our Leadership


Get to know the KCCF Board of Directors, philanthropy and investment professionals who, driven by faith, are on a mission to put charity and generosity at the top of the Catholic agenda, one grant at a time.