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November 15, 2019. New Haven Biz,
Knights unveil new private-label donor-advised fund

November 16, 2019. Fox 61,
CIO Tony Minopoli on about charitable giving

October 24, 2019. Yahoo Finance,
CIO Tony Minopoli on faith-based investing & fixed income strategies

June 12, 2019
Study: foundation grants withstand 2018 stock drop

The Hour, “People want to have more control ... over where the money goes,” said Dennis Gerber, president of the new Knights of Columbus Charitable Fund. “They are looking to tie (donations) into an organization with which they might already have a connection to ... Contributions have been growing.”

June 12, 2019
Knights of Columbus launches new charity fund

New Haven BIZ, There’s a new way for donors to give to charitable organizations, as the New Haven-based Knights of Columbus has launched a website and donor fund for philanthropists.


Press Releases

February 19, 2020,
Legatus International Opens Private-Label Donor-Advised Fund Powered by Knights of Columbus Charitable Fund

November 12, 2019
New AMS Private-Label Donor-Advised Fund

Launching the First Diocesan Private-Label Donor-Advised Fund for Both Organizations

June 5, 2019
Knights of Columbus Offers New Charitable Giving Vehicle

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Knights of Columbus, one of the largest Catholic philanthropic organizations in the world, today announced a new affiliated vehicle for donors called “Knights of Columbus Charitable Fund” (KCCF). KCCF allows donors to open donor-driven accounts, recommend charities to which donations can be sent through a safe, secure and confidential portal.


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