Whether you are new to charitable giving or a seasoned philanthropist KCCF has an account for you.

Account Levels

Genesis Account

The Genesis account makes it possible for anyone - no matter where they are in their journey - to begin their philanthropic legacy today. Individuals can open a Genesis account for as little as $10 per month for up to 36 months, with a minimum grant amount of $25. Genesis account holders can make four grants per quarter for free. Additional grants can be made, but they will incur a processing fee of $12.50. Creating your Genesis account is quick and simple --just fill out the application and start making your impact today.


Covenant Account

With a minimum starting balance of $5,000, Covenant account holders, who may already have philanthropic experience, can begin focusing their philanthropy, and their legacy, with confidence. Covenant account holders receive the same benefits as Genesis account holders but can make an unlimited number of grants. Fees for Covenant accounts start at 0.50% or $250, whichever is greater.


Kingdom Account

With a minimum annual balance of $100,000, Kingdom account holders receive all the benefits of Covenant account holders, plus dedicated support staff; access to Philanthropic Advisors; and invitations to educational events featuring Catholic thought leaders in the nonprofit space. Account holders with an annual balance in excess of $100,000 can request outside investment management and have access to additional advanced investment strategies.


Donor-Advised Fund Fee Schedule