Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors

Resources for Advisors


Being a resource for your clients and prospects means deepening and helping to ensure long-term relationships. By educating clients on the profound benefits associated with a simple, efficient and tax-smart giving solution from KCCF, you're helping to match donors with organizations that embody their Catholic values, while building client loyalty through a shared sense of mission.

We offer opportunities to support your clients' philanthropy through numerous entry points. Whether your client is just getting started or already deeply entrenched in their philanthropic journey, we have a strategy for meaningful engagement with organizations aligned to their passions, and for related goals like using philanthropy to help educate their children about social responsibility, values and legacy.

KCCF is here to help. Our resource center offers everything you need to open donor-advised fund accounts on behalf of your clients, but should you need any operational support along the way, we're happy to answer questions or offer relationship management advice.